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UDT-SEAL Store Location: 

1619 D Street, Building 5326 

JEB Little Creek                                                                                           

Virginia Beach, VA 23459

UDT-SEAL Store Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9AM - 3PM 
Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

Phone: (757) 363-2001 x103
Email: Sales@UDTSEAL.org

The UDT-SEAL Association implores every Past, Present, and Future Frogman and SEAL to join and participate in keeping this exemplary national organization which was designed to serve the needs of its members and their families. The Association since its incorporation December 1969 has been dedicated to preserve the image and legacy of our community. It is the aim of our Association to provide our brotherhood of warriors a common meeting grounds for them and their families to gather and enjoy the friendships of all those who served in and supported the Teams. These warriors come from UDT, SEAL, SWCC, NCDU, Scouts and Raiders, and OSS Maritime Unit Training.

The purpose of the UDT-SEAL Association is:

  • To fraternally unite all persons who are now or have been assigned to NCDUs, Scouts and Raiders, SWCC, UDT, SEAL, and SDV Teams.
  • To perpetuate the traditions of The Teams and encourage the highest degree of skill, professionalism, discipline, loyalty among its members.
  • To commemorate the memory of Team personnel who have given or shall give their lives in the defense of our great Nation and the free world.
  • To recognize the moral, intellectual, social, and economic benefits to members and their families; to forward and promote the general welfare of its members, and improve by all lawful means their status and conditions.
  • To educate members and the general public in the development of NSW and to keep all concerned persons abreast of new developments within NSW consistent with security regulations.
  • To recognize that members are a part of a very unique and select fraternity of individuals, who are role models within their communities and society as a whole, and to encourage every member to always strive to live by the SEAL Ethos and conduct themselves in the highest traditions of The Teams.
  • To be a source of inspiration and Esprit de Corps for all active and retired members of The Teams and particularly the active duty units of the NSW community.
  • To maintain a strong membership which supports the mission of, and ensure economical strength of, the Navy SEAL Foundation (NSF).
  • To preserve and nourish that unique relationship existing between the UDT-SEAL Association, Navy SEAL Foundation, and the active duty Naval Special Warfare community. Within this relationship, sustain and uphold the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.




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